We love new music and up and coming artists, but we know that this is not always easy to be seen on the blogosphere. At HighClouds, we receive hundreds of emails every day, so we don’t always have the time to answer or consider everybody. As a consequence, we decided to centralize all music submissions via some professional platforms that present advantages for artists and bloggers alike. Before submitting, please acknowledge that we need to receive links and assets prior to the release date !

If you wanna send us a video or a track, please use SubmitHub or Groover. 

Submithub is a platform that was created by Jason Grishkoff from Indie Shuffle. Basically, it’s a place where you can find labels, influential blogs, music-sharing YouTube channels, etc., all in one location. Directly submitting your song to your selected tastemaker-targets is super easy, and you’ll receive an answer from us in no more than 48 hours, with at least 10 words of feedback. Groover is a very similar platform that essentially covers the French-speaking market. With these two options, you won’t be ignored and you will know for sure if we’re interested in covering your music or not, as well as how and when we plan to share it.

We know that paying 1 dollar to submit a track can be a pain but this is the only way we found to pay our writers and to cover all the website fees. In the past, online advertising was helping a lot but over the past few years, the big internet companies totally annihilated this source of revenue (as you might know it), causing the death of a lot of major blogs.

Do you wanna submit a whole EP or album? Reach out to us via HumanHuman. 

This platform enables you to submit your music to a community of tastemakers, consisting of music bloggers, A&Rs, radio professionals, festival organizers, and more. Here, you’ll receive even more extensive and personal feedback on your full-length projects, regardless of whether or not it is chosen to be featured!