[PREMIERE] Chocoholic – First Class featuring Kev, Tate Tucker and SUBI

The 90s R&B genre has been inspiring many artists in the past few years. Tokyo-based songwriter Chocoholic collaborated with California-based artists Kev, Tate Tucker and SUBI to create the impressive track “First Class” that we have the pleasure to premiere here on Highclouds.

Dealing with relationships that we take for granted, the track is sweet, reminding us the summer breeze. It gives room for every participating artist to blossom in their own unique way and you can hear all their varied influences. Chocoholic wrote the original track which got rearranged by Kev and Tate, who also did the vocals alongside Subi.

About the track, the artist explained:

I think it’s so easy to take what you have for granted. It could be your family, your best friends or your next-door neighbor. I wrote a song about my experience regarding that matter, and flew to LA to meet Kev and Tate. They reconstructed the song and added a positive vibe to it. It was really an amazing experience working with them.

You can follow Chocoholic, Kev, Tate Tucker and Subi via their respective Soundclouds.

Matias Calderon