October 2015

333 Boyz – Pink Freak


Berlin is a famous city for its parties. In the beginning of December will happen the 3hd Festival , a festival of contemporary music and art. To celebrate it, 333 Boyz, a band based in Berlin dropped their new EP “Pink Freak” via the 3hd platform in collaboration with Creamcake.

Panda Bear – Swallow at the Hollow

Screenshot from 2015-10-31 17:20:45
At the beginning of the year, Panda Bear released his album “Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper” via Domino Records. He had now shared a mix called “Swallow at the Hollow” with nothing but unreleased tracks from that exact same period

Jeremih – oui


Despite a yet to come official release date, it looks like Jeremih‘s third album “Late Nights” is about to be available soon. For more than a year, the modern crooner has dropped new tracks, one by one. By the way, “Planes”, that was released in January and which features J Cole, is now certified platinum. Yesterday, he shared the fourth official single from this long-awaited new LP. The track is particularly good and looks like a perfect booster to release an album.

Okay-Kaya – I’m Stupid (But I Love You)


Okay Kaya is a Norwegian singer now based in New-York. I noticed her a few months ago when she posted her song “Damn, Gravity” on her Soundcloud. A song that actually brought her a lot of attention, as she reached more than 150k listens on Soundcloud and over 100k views on YouTube.

Wet – Chasing Pavements (Cover)


We know it is Adele‘s come back with her record “Hello“.
The NYC-based trio Wet decided to cover one of her songs. They chose to do “Chasing Pavements” which was Adele’s debut single.

Tiga – Don’t Break My Heart

Since his last album “Ciao !” out in 2009, Tiga just dropped a new track following “Bugatti”. He also announced he has a new album coming at the beginning of 2016

Travis Scott – Piss On Your Grave (Feat. Kanye West)


Travis Scott will slowly prepare you for Halloween with his new video “Piss On Your Grave” featuring the genius Kanye West.


Elohim – Xanax

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Elohim released her first track “She Talks Too Much” earlier this year. The track was kind of B-Side for the track and now, there is a Chase O’Black-directed video to go with it.