AB001 celebrates his life change with caressing debut “Beauty Sleep”

AB001‘s debut EP is set to be self-released in Spring 2019.

AB001 is the moniker of singer-songwriter and bedroom producer Alessandro Buccellati. Some weeks ago, he dropped his debut single “Beauty Sleep” in the middle of the Christmas madness and that’s the reason why we might have miss it at that time. It would have been a pity not to post his soothing track which actually sounds more like a dreamy soundscape than a proper song. “Beauty Sleep” is all about lo-fi and minimalism. It’s a metaphorical track about waking up in the morning and scanning your own life but also a lounge-y slice of solace crafted to survive the blue monday month. When asked by Stereofox about the meaning of the song, AB001 replied:

It’s the transitioning of past lives into new ones, in my case the grit of New York City to the slow daze of California and also matters of relationships coming and going.

Listen to the track below and check it as well in our latest mixtape Soft Blue (monday).

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