Affet Robot encapsulates future uncertainty with “Hala Rüya” visuals

Istanbul-based dark-synth artist Affet Robot premieres the music video for “Hala Rüya”, a track taken from his new EP Huzursuz Seiyirler (out on Audioban).

Sticking to the eerily woven synth sound that Istanbul’s Eren Gunsan aka Affet Robot first created on his debut album Röntgen in 2017, his latest single, “Hala Rüya,” utilises these ominous textures to explore the traumas of his past and how this affects his present. “Hala Rüya” places Affet Robot’s deep 80’s new wave influences at the forefront, layering hypnotic synthesisers over an unrelenting yet steady drum machine that pulsates in a way that feels magnetic.

Here, the depth is found in the 80’s staples woven with Eren Gunsan’s distinctively powerful and emotive voice. Coupled with the melancholic Turkish lyrics, the track has carved out a niche space amongst the new darkwave and synth-wave renaissance, headed by other Turkish acts such as Jakuzi, Hedonutopia, and Elz and the Cult.

The video accompaniment, created and edited by Tolga Tarhan, uses pixelated and fractured animation to document a shadowy figure traversing a miasmic computer-generated landscape of stark gloom and unintelligible dread. We see the figure first walking and then jolting into a run as the track transforms into a burst of heightened energy, with a vivid pink replacing the darker hues seen prior. The video, that we’re premiering today, captures the feeling of “disappointment, contradiction, anger and passion” that form the central themes of Affet Robot’s latest EP.

As “Hala Rüya” crescendos and begins its inevitable mellowing, the figure begins to disintegrate in front of our eyes, melding into the background until it’s disappeared entirely. A fitting metaphor for the uncertainty of the future that follows on from Gunsan’s ruminations upon his past. Watch and stream the whole Huzursuz Seiyirler EP below.

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