Agar Agar share “Sorry About The Carpet” video, detail debut album

Agar Agar‘s debut album “The Dog & The Future” is due out September 28 on Cracki Records.

Paris-based duo Agar Agar, comprising Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel, have just shared a metaphorical video for a new hypnotic synth-pop track “Sorry About The Carpet”.

In the funny Antonin Peretjatko-directed visuals, they’re inexorably cleaning a carpet that gets dirty over and over again. In a press release, the band explained that it was a representation of some love stories where people keep on turning a blind eye on their problems, hiding them under a carpet, instead of trying to work on them. Following up on “Fangs Out“, it’s the second single off of their upcoming debut LP. Watch the video below.

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