Agouti’s “Dragons” is a cathartic and psychedelic whirlwind

Agouti‘s self-released new single “Dragons” is out today.

Hailing from San Francisco, cradle of psychedelia, Agouti is the psychedelic brainchild of Carmen Caruso. The band, which also features David Rabkin (drums), Dakota Salazar (guitar) and Leanne Kelly (keys), brings back an ounce of the San Francisco Sound into the new millenium. On her shimmering new single “Dragons”, the artist combines uplifting synths, dreamlike chimes and catchy riffs to eventually craft a swirling, acrobatic tune that sounds both cathartic and hazy. A torrent of positive vibes to fly over your daily turmoil and reconnect with the positive spirit of the Summer of Love. Tune in below.

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