Ámani sings about becoming who she really is in gorgeous debut “Selfless”

Canadian R&B artist Ámani debuts with gorgeous R&B song “Selfless.”

Ámani is the moniker of Boston-based, Alberta-born artist Tiyonna Amani Stewart. Nevertheless, you cannot pin down her origins as the 22-year-old singer-songwriter also used to travel between New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Her ethnicity was actually a real issue when she was younger as she was always judged for not being black or asian enough. Eventually, she achieved to turn those struggles into a creative energy; an energy that brings today to our ears her debut track “Selfless”.

About “Selfless”, Ámani detailed:

Throughout my life men, my so-called friends, and people I worked with always tried to project onto me their ideas of who I should be. I just got fed up with the bs as if I wasn’t enough and started this journey to remembering why I started and being unadulterated me.

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