AM!R – Dirty Whispers

What about some “Dirty Whispers”? This is what AM!R is proposing you in his sexy new track. The singer, songwriter, and producer is a talented multi-instrumentalist and his future punk soul should conquer you quite easily!

AM!R was born in the US and is now based in New York City. This is in the Big Apple that he composes his tracks that, in his opinion, don’t fit in any categories. That is why he decided to create his own genre. So how could we define the future punk soul? It’s not easy to be honest but it might be a mix of future funk à la Jai Paul and A.K. Paul, with some influences of major artists such as Marvin Gaye, J Dilla or Stevie Wonder… or even Daft Punk. Indeed, the instrumental of “Dirty Whispers” reminds us the track from their album “Disovery”: “Something About Us”. Just add a sensual touch and you have “Dirty Whispers”: a track that will give you the envy to be naughty and sweaty all night long!

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“Dirty Whispers” is a late night, sweaty introspection of why my lover has gotten the best of me. It all starting with a “dirty whisper”, a filthy wish, a nasty request. – AM!R

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When we ask him to drop some artist names that are important for him, AM!R first choice remains Prince:

I think Prince was the greatest artist we will ever know. You can talk about his songwriting, playing, singing, production, or his performance. They all point to the same thing. He was the greatest. As far as his public persona, I can’t really say. He was cryptic but graceful and sage-like. Prince was the brilliant enigma that is true rock stardom. I wish I had gotten to meet him. I saw him play twice at MSG here in NYC. I was a weepy happy mess.
AM!R by Vik Manchada Dirty Whispers

AM!R by Vik Manchada

What is coming next for the young artist? New music every 2 weeks! It looks like he is as prolific as his idol! And like him, he plays a lot of instruments such as keys, piano, bass (upright and electric), and guitar. And AM!R is ambitious: drums are his next adventure!

Follow AM!R on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram and buy “Dirty Whispers” via his Bandcamp now!

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