Anna Makeeva sings of ecstatic love in pulsing track “Precious Love”

Anna Makeeva debuts “Precious Love,” a track taken from her upcoming EP Missing Piece out February 20th via Discobelle.

Pairing up with producer Baltimore Chop, Moscow-based singer-songwriter and producer Anna Makeeva gears up for the release of her upcoming EP Missing Piece by dropping UK garage-inspired tune “Precious Love”. With their goal in mind to make an “uplifting and light dance record that would make you move and dream”, “Precious Love” reflects this target with precision, a dazzling result born of respect for and an understanding of the genre.

The track has a delightful percussive backbone topped with light keys skipping across the syncopated hi-hats. It’s a stripped backtrack, one that’s reminiscent of the scarcity of UK Garage in the early ’90s. “Precious Love” is clean and succinct, drawing to mind the quiet and calm feeling that often accompanies a true and pure love.

Makeeva’s voice soars over the breezy sonic experience, dancing through the soundscape with a delightful cadence. Her vocals marry themself to the instrumentals, injecting “Precious Love” with an air of nostalgia. There’s also a joy to the song that stems from the lyrical focus on finally finding love after heartache. Musically, the track plays on this theme with the soft tenderness that comes from the ethereal keys.

“Precious Love” uses the well-loved qualities of UK Garage and dance music and skews them just so, in order to create something that sounds fresh and modern, yet indebted to its predecessors. By using the tropes of the genre, Anna Makeeva broadens the accessibility of the track and gives “Precious Love” an innately pleasing and soothing rhythm.

Rachel Chandler

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