∆ U G U S T – S W O R D

London-based duo ∆ U G U S T, gathering Steve Hughes and Ed Carlile, recently appeared on the internet with an indie pop debut single that is deliciously easy to listen and pleasantly catchy. Despite the sharp title of “S W O R D”, the track will be the perfect tune to enjoy your holidays and to remember your summery flirtations till the end of the Indian summer.

On Clash Music, where the track premiered, the band explains:

‘Sword’ is a dark love song, a plea for desire no matter what the personal consequences. It was written from a chaotic place where nothing seemed to be going right, but it has shreds of hope in it too, that the chaos doesn’t matter if you can hold on to that person.”

So far, we don’t know anything more from the duo but I guess they will post more news soon on their Facebook, Soundcloud or Instagram.

There is also a short video trailer on their Facebook page. Does it mean that we can expect a video soon?

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