Bad Wave explore forbidden loves on “I Can Be A Friend To You”

“I Can Be A Friend To You” is taken from Bad Wave‘s upcoming Bad Wave EP, due out January 25 on Mala Onda.

Bad Wave, the West Coast band founded by the two best friends Tucker Tota and Patrick Hart, are back with “I Can Be A Friend To You” which teases a 4-track EP for later this month. Digging in their anxieties to craft immediate indie pop tunes, they’re exploring here the romantic theme of forbidden loves. Behind the twinkling synths and joyful melody, they indeed sing about the butterflies in the stomach one can feel because of passion but also fear. An indie pop earworm about high risk and hidden love stories loaded with complicity and resignation. About the track, they explained:

I’ve written a few songs about forbidden love. What I like about this one is that there are several scenarios I imagined while writing it. Different characters and different forbidden reasons. It’s strange how there have always been relationships that are off limits. Maybe there will always be a line you shouldn’t cross. Or maybe all love is beautiful. Actually no. Now I’m thinking of some weird stuff nobody should ever do.

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