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Math rock band Battles is opening a new WARP film series for Channel 4‘s Random Acts with their video for “Dot Net”. The track is featured on their last album “La Di Da Di” also out on WARP.

The video is directed by Ben Jones and deals with a utopian relationship between men and technology. It starts like a video game and is as geek as you think: in a futuristic museum, people are admiring connected and psychedelic video paintings. You will see screens, computers and smartphones. It fits very well to the universe of their last album, which doesn’t include any vocals.

Here are some words of the director:
“The exploration of the digital territory between abstract graphic user interfaces, poly-rhythms and human interaction was a paramount inspiration of this video. Prodding and proving the causality of passive engagement vs hyper-addiction concerning the influence of “screen time” (using the video and audio of an iPad or iPhone or etc….). In the end we kept returning to this jump off: “Is this a dope music vid to have on your Apple Watch? Yes or No?”

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