ba:zel design a virtual city to question urban migration in “CIVIL” video

Prague-based electroacoustic duo ba:zel question the decision for urban migration in 3D animated video for “CIVIL”.

Hailing from Prague in Czech Republic, Daniel Vlček (bass guitar, beats, and synths) and Ewelina Ai-fen Chiu (vocals, soprano flute, keyboard, and midi pedal) are the two artists behind the moniker ba:zel. The electroacoustic and experimental duo produce post-modern music both for clubs and museums.

In their new track, “CIVIL”, which comes with a 3D animation made by Czech artist Jakub Krejci, ba:zel study the link between a Human being and its urban surroundings as well as the decision process which motivated urban migration. In the colourful yet sombre visual, they bring us into a vast urban zone for a virtual visit and we ultimately finish the trip into an isolated room. The final rendition offers a very contrasted result, in between immensity and loneliness. The video atmosphere perfectly fits the twilight and fragile soundscapes of the avant-garde track “CIVIL”, which is set to be the first single taken from their upcoming EP due out later this year.

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