Beck – Wow

There is a new video by Beck and it can be best described by its title – “Wow”. It was directed by the artist and Grady Hall but also features the work of other visual artists. It also stars the children of the American artist!

The least thing we can say about this video is that it is a collaborative work as it has involved a lot of people including Sam Cannon, Randy Cano, Andy Gregg, David McLeod John McLaughlin, Jess Rona and Steve Smith.

Beck says that the video fully corresponds with the song. Bright colors, a mixture of textures, new visuals. He also adds that this clip was influenced by the effect of looking at the pictures on Instagram and other social media. Thus, this video could be considered to be a new form of social media.

Beck‘s last LP was released in 2014 and was entitled “Morning Phase”. A new album, yet untitled, should be released on October 21 via Capitol Records. It will feature “Wow” and last year’s single “Dreams.”

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