Belgian R&B duo Juicy share feminist “Count Our Fingers Twice” video

Brussels-based R&B duo Juicy will release their debut “Cast A Spell” EP in March. Here’s the Jan Schmicker‘s animated video for “Count Our Fingers Twice”.

Belgium is a talent factory at the moment and we’re more than happy to introduce you to Juicy, a duo comprised of Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk. They started as a R&B cover band but today, we can watch the video for their original track “Count Our Fingers Twice”. The video clip is an animation signed by Jan Schmicker and it brings us into the twisted universe of the girls. The feminist video doesn’t hesitate to be phallically graphic and the manhunt ends with a celebration of ‘ovary power’. Besides the video, Juicy showcase R&B and hip-hop soundscapes that are quite surprising for a Belgian band. We can’t wait to discover the 4 other videos of the EP.

Juicy‘s EP “Cast A Spell” will be out on March 23

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