Ben Zaidi – On Saturday

Seattle-based artist Ben Zaidi has released a new future soul/indietronica single called “On Saturday”. Good news: it is available for free download!

“On Saturday” is a representation of a man who was only able to see his partner on Saturdays; the reasons why to remain mysterious; the song further illustrates how the one at home was in pain and he did not see the signs that she was illustrating; therefore, eventually she ended her life and therefore, no longer is he able to see her on Saturdays.

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Ben Zaidi grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Then, he traveled East as he studied poetry at Harvard. “On Saturday” is featured on the “Our August EP“.

As written in the press release:

‘Our August’ is a story of endings – some as carefree as summer, complicated as love, and final as life. A solitary hopeful stream running through a damaged land, reminding us that within loss there lies the possibility of self-discovery.

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