Benji Lewis shares anti-burnout single “Away”

Benji Lewis‘ new single “Away” is out now.

Los Angeles-based artist Benji Lewis is back with “Away,” a new track that he composed a few days after his exhausting participation at SXSW 2018. Crafted in collaboration with Golden Vessel, the light-hearted and cheerful track is about searching for some fun and balance in your life. It’s not always easy to take some time for yourself and to hide from your daily routine; this anti burnout anthem perfectly illustrates this quest for relaxation and escapism.

About the track, he detailed:

It’s a happy, feel good, lifting song for me, and it feels like summer to me as well. It’s about finding more of a balance in life, still working hard for what you want while also having some fun and speaking up for yourself when you feel things are getting too busy. I think we can all get caught up and not give ourselves that time to be free, enjoy the outdoors, go travel somewhere new because you can and want to. And that’s what I’m saying here, do both, do it all, and do it how you want.

Take a break to breathe and listen below.

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