Boy Pablo’s “Losing You” sounds like the first hints of spring

Boy Pablo‘s new single “Losing You” is the proof that their sudden access to limelight is well deserved.

Magic internet. Last year, Norwegian indie pop band Boy Pablo experienced the power of curation when Youtube algorhythm pushed their debut track “Everytime” into the ‘recommended videos” section of million of users. Since then, the track has become a viral hit and the band members have left their bedroom to prepare a headlining tour through Europe.

The band, who is fronted by 19-year-old singer-songwriter Pablo Muñoz, has now shared a new single “Losing You” and it is quite infectious. Despite the fact it obviously deals with a break-up, it is sunny and breezy like the first hints of spring. Watch the William Glandberger-directed visuals below.

“Losing You” is the first Boy Pablo‘s track since the release of their 2017’s “Roy Pablo” EP.

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