Brad Stank shares new single “Condemned To Be Freaky”

Brad Stank‘s “Condemned To Be Freaky” is now out on Untitled Recs.

Liverpool singer-songwriter Brad Stank is back with a new slice of sexistential pop named “Condemned To Be Freaky”. If you’re a loyal reader of HighClouds, then you probably discovered this track on our website last year but it seems that the artist has decided to re-released it. “Condemned To Be Freaky” is based on Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous quote and draws inspiration from indie pop, lounge-funk and retro soul soundscapes. The woozy and chill instrumentation is then sublimated by the artist’s singular languid baritone voice. About the track, Brad Stank detailed:

‘Condemned To Be Freaky’ is a song about heterogeneous love affairs, outsiderness and fear of commitment (Sagittarius)

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