Brand New Sound #1: James P, Les Drogues Fortes, Icey Blouie, Glam Gould…

BRAND NEW SOUND: Two bros looking for good shit!

Oscar and Louis are our new daily diggers and every Monday, visit HighClouds to find out their discoveries of the week! There is something for every – good – taste here!

1. Dessert – “Eyes Wide Shut”

Mysterious trio from L.A Dessert who put big baby faces on their singles covers. Music for kids they say. Great sound and tricky beat. 5 Singles for the bros. As good as starting a meal through dessert.


2. Les Drogues Fortes – “Pharmacie”

Les Drogues Fortes is a collective of 19 Quebec rappers who released an album produced by Propulse Ent. on the theme of Christmas. On “Pharmacie”, they make you discover all the best substances to enjoy your new year’s eve. It’s still better than eggnog and the pair of socks we offer you every year.

Happy hangover

3. mon tea – “ride”

Absolutely zero information on this dude… mon tea‘s music is enigmatic as the person. A mix of glitch and soul that opens the horizon. There are hints that it could simply be the side project of beat maker Monte Booker signed to Soulection.


4. James P – “You ain’t gotta question…” w/ Jibri Mclean

James Martin aka James P is from Baltimore. One day his friend called him James P. and voila. His mother once told him that he would become someone famous, so little James has believed in his dream and throwed beats in all directions. On “You ain’t gotta question…”, there’s his buddy Jibri Mclean by his side who put his voice and that dirty groove.


5. Sophie Meiers – “medication”

Sophie Meiers is from Colorado. Another talented “bedroom artist”. She’s doing a lil bit of everything in a decontracted way. In any case she’s talented and her soundcloud is full of gold to start the year well. There are feats, covers, a bit of everything, like her.


6. Icey Blouie “아이씨 블루이” – “Lit” ft. Futuristic Swaver

Young South Korean rapper signed on the label Alive Music. Icey Blouie dropped his second mini-EP a few months ago. Produced by Laptopboyboy aka Futuristic Swaver with who he forms the duo Cinderella 99. There’s a crazy thing also in Korea around this music’s style. Anyway, these guys are perfectly applying the recipe with the korean touch, and it’s bouncing hard.


7. Glam Gould “글램 굴드” – “Her”

Formerly Rem and Moro, Glam Gould comes from Seoul and he just released his EP “Wet” a few months ago. At first listen, we are directly drawn into his personal world. About his music, he says that it has to be taken like three complex themes about a relationship. Only 3 tracks on his EP but so perfect.

Glam Gold

We hope you dig this selection of Brand New Sound. If like us, you can’t wait until Monday for discovering their daily find, please follow Oscar and Louis over Facebook and listen to Brand New Sound on Spotify and Deezer too!

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