Brian Marc- Let Your Lover Go

Brian Marc- Let Your Lover Go

Half of electronic R&B duo Denitia and Dene, Brian Marc gives us a soulful serenade about the space left when your lover leaves. Discover his new track “Let Your Lover Go” in this post!

“Let Your Lover Go” is the first single off Brian Marc‘s new solo album titled “The Extraordinary Pleasure of Being Someone Else.”

Produced by Brooklyn production duo Geek Session, a melancholy tune weaves in and out of careful snares and harbors a catchy refrain. The minimalistic production allows the clever lyrics to express just the right amount of mournfulness without being cheesy.

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“Let Your Lover Go” finds the beauty in heartbreak, and encapsulates the emptiness someone can leave in your life.

“Under fireplaces where we smoked/and ponder all the things one needs to know,” Brian “Sene” Marc reminisces about past relationships. The song paints a nostalgic, longing picture of the imprint on the pillow lingering after your lover has left. As a solo artist, Marc brings a similar production style from his Denitia and Sene days, while continuing to develop on his own. As the rapping half of the former duo, Marc gets a chance here to hone his harmonizing skills with Drake-esque crooning. Marc spits some bars in the song as well, rapping:

“Maybe in my dreams I can just be in and be out/ Never could I see I would be where I be now/ You gave me the keys and so okay let’s both play house/ But now we like that game so shit where do we go now.”

Marc sounds wistful without being vague, gifting the listener with relatability.

Brian Marc is transitioning into acting as well as making music, and now goes by his government name. He is set to make appearances in Netflix/Marvel‘s “Luke Cage,” as well as Lionsgate film “Nerve” in July. He is also co-starring in the film “White Girl” with Morgan Saylor in September.

Connect with Brian Marc on Soundcloud and get “Let Your Lover Go!” on iTunes.

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