Cale Hawkins tries to understand Love 2.0 in art pop collage “Collapse”

Cale Hawkins‘ new song “Collapse” is out on Litonika Records.

Hailing from the little village of Bemus Point, NY Cale Hawkins managed to get on our radar some months ago. The promising nomadic musician, now relocated to Brooklyn, has consistently grabbed our attention with his meticulous art pop collages. His new single “Collapse” is no exception.

Entirely produced and played by Hawkins with help from Chase Potter for the violin and Ansel Cohen for the cello, “Collapse” dissects the behavioral concepts of love in our hyper-connectivited digital age, where likes and swipes tend to become the new normal in seduction. There’s a relevant airiness in this new track, but it doesn’t mean it’s not challenging at the same time. As always, the musician and producer interlaces the layers, the references and the genre-defying elements and, in this particular case, it perfectly captures the complexity and the beauty of Love.

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