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Sedona - drifing days video

Sedona’s “Drifting Days” is the perfect song for the current moment.

Brooklyn-based Sedona‘s “Drifting Days” is out via Flexible/Terrible Records. There’s a strange feeling of change in the air. Kids are

RISING: Justo Ontario

Singer, songwriter, and producer Justo Ontario encountered his passion for music at church and home since his parents were both music lovers. His modern soul and R&B were born in Jesus’ house before being progressively molded throughout an adolescence rich in music! With only two tracks, “Dancin'” and “Fever”, the artist proves that he is able to reach everyone from the “anti-mainstream music coffee-shop hipsters” to the “radio programmed music-heads”. We interviewed the rising artist and guess what? More music is coming soon!


Adrian-Daniel Headshot (1k)

Adrian Daniel is a person like you and me, the only difference being that he loves telling sonic stories and he never had another goal for which he has worked so hard and finally reach an achievement. Indeed, the artist from Brooklyn (NYC), that accepted to answer a few questions for us, just debuted his debut LP “Disillusions” 2 weeks ago via Billboard. The alt-soul and groovy project, that some people don’t hesitate to compare with The Weeknd or Frank Ocean‘s work, features 15 tracks and demonstrates, above all, his singing and songwriting skills.

RISING: Aristophanes 貍貓

Aristophanes 貍貓

Some weeks ago, she was a perfect stranger but thanks to Grimes, who discovered her on Soundcloud and gave her some room on a track of “Art Angels“, Aristophanes 貍貓 is now a rising artist that everyone is talking about. It must be noted that besides her singular universe, it is not every day that we deal with underground hip-hop songs in Madarin. Before the upcoming release of her debut EP “No Rush To Leave Dreams”, here are some things you should know about her.