Charlotte Adigéry avows her addiction to synthetic wigs in “High Lights”

“High Lights” is taken from Charlotte Adigéry‘s upcoming EP, Zandoli, out February 8 on DEEWEE.

Following up on the amazing “Paténipat“, Charlotte Adigéry has just shared a new banger from her upcoming EP. After addressing narcissism and social media addiction, she is now avowing her obsession for synthetic wigs – a hobby we also devote our free time to. This thumping track is obviously an opportunity to link with the art of black hair, and to celebrate her Caribbean roots. Plus, it comes with a playful Joaquim Bayle-directed video and a short statement from Adigéry:

’High Lights’ and the whole world around it was a big source of inspiration for the EP. It was the first song written for the EP and it inspired me to explore my identity as a Caribbean black woman raised in Belgium. It started off as a celebration of the feminine black culture and then resulted in me writing more in Creole and translating my heritage through music.

You can stream “High Lights” in our Best Tracks of 2019 playlist.

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