Charlotte Adigéry announces new EP, shares “Paténipat”

Charlotte Adigéry‘s new Zendoli EP is out February 8 on Soulwax‘s label DEEWEE.

Belgian-Caribbean artist and Soulwax protégée Charlotte Adigéry, also known with her lo-fi moniker WWWater, has announced the release of a new EP on the Dewaele brothers’s DEEWEE label. The 5-track project is the result of her collaboration with Bolis Pupul, a descendant of the first and only wave of Chinese immigration to Martinique, who she happened to meet via Tinder.

We can already dance to the first single “Paténipat”, which refers to the phrase “zandoli pa té ni pat” – a Creole mnemonic meaning “the gecko didn’t have any legs”. Building bridges between cultures, this technoid track offers a trance-like crescendo while playfully drawing from the rhythms of the GWO KA dances that would have swayed the islanders of Martinique a century ago. About “Paténipat”, Adigéry detailed:

If in life you feel tired and hopeless, throw off all the stuff that don’t matter in the end. Dance until you’re dizzy. Be your naked and uncompromising self.

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