CHASMS share melancholic and ethereal new track “Every Heaven In Between”

CHASMS‘s upcoming album The Mirage is due out February 22 on felte.

Chasms is the duo formed in 2011 by Jess Labrador and Shannon Madden. They recently announced the release of their sophomore album to be shared later this month via Los Angeles-based label felte. Created after major upheaval in the pair’s lives, the record is an exploration of grief and the multi-faceted heartbreak that follows such events.

This melancholy is definitely palpable in their new offering “Every Heaven In Between”, which follows up on “Shadow” and “Divine Illusions”. The ethereal electropop track is driven by Labrador‘s dramatic, ballroom-like drum production and angelic soprano vocals. Listen and watch the Marisol Baltierra-directed video below.

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