Daddy – I’m A Sword Swallower (Prince Rama remix) NSFW

The Duo band called Daddy, has released a music video for the Prince Rama‘s remix of “I’m A Sword Swallower.” Daddy actually consists of James Franco and Tim O’Keefe. An artfully erotic video was shot by James Franco in order to create a meaningful melody for the song.

This song aims to explore gender inequality, power play, as well as the Hollywood lore, the track does this through melody, almost somber lyrics in touch with an erotic official video.

Although it is advised not to watch this video at work if you wish to see “Daddy, I’m a sword swallower” (Prince Rama remix), it’s just below. You can get the debut album “Let Me Get What I Want” there (there is also a limited edition dark pink vinyl).

Like many bands before them, James Franco and Tim O’Keefe met as students in art school. While in school, they collaborated on many projects including Franco’s 2011 “Endless Idaho” installation at the Gagosian Gallery in L.A. before forming Daddy in late 2011.

If you wish to follow this duo for more videos, or simply just to stay up to date with what they are doing, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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