Deaton Chris Anthony enrolls Triathalon for “Mr. Call You Back”

Deaton Chris Anthony‘s self-released new track “Mr. Call You Back” is taken from his upcoming debut album BO Y due out in March.

Thank you the internet for bringing to our ears so many amazing overlooked artists with singular universes. We don’t know a lot about Deaton Chris Anthony except that his real name is Andrew Lovgren and that this 20 something artist comes from Olathe, Kansas. What we are sure about though is that his funky take on R&B and chillwave is what we need during winter time. Sounding both retro and futuristic, his excellent new offering “Mr. Call You Back” sees the artist collaborate with New York’s genre-defying band Triathalon. On his Instagram, the artist is claiming that ‘2019 is the year he wins’ and we definitely think that this statement could come true.

About “Mr. Call You Back”, Deaton Chris Anthony detailed:

So a few months ago I met Triathalon and I was in the desert and when we hing out we googled Money Phone. A photo of 50 cent is there So we made a song about it. So I am in LA and Triathalon in NYC and we are shooting a video for the song. It is in Arizona so we’re heading there now to shoot it . This is Deaton Chris Anthony Have a great day.

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