Deerhunter – Living My Life


Deerhunter‘s seventh album “Fading Frontier” will be available this Friday on 4AD. There are only some days to wait but if you feel too impatient, you can have a look to their new video for their track “Living My Life”.

The Bradford Cox-directed video is a mix of the band chilling in the country side and videos of fluids and other minerals. We have to say the message of the video was not immediately obvious for us. We found on Pitchfork some words from the director, who is also the guitarist and the singer of the band:

“…macro meditations on geology and botany to observations of afternoon light filtered onto wooden floors. The idea was to have a formless visual that does not conform to the overwhelming cleverness and narrative ambition of most modern videos. Instead we have a sometimes pointless, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes hypnotically beautiful mess of images and rhythm. The final section of the video, in particular, could be a teenage garage band take on Tarkovsky’s Solaris. Various chemicals and dyes were used to create a liquid fantasia for the song’s transcendent climax.”

Do you get it now?


The video is dedicated to Miles Davis.

By the way, another track off the album is currently featured in our HighClouds30 this week. Indeed, “Breaker” is N°7. Check the full charts here.
For our Belgian friends, the band will be at Le Botanique on November 21. They are also part of Pitchfork Paris Music Festival.

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