Delicate R&B and neo-soul duo Zoology share a new single: 100°

The duo ZOOLOGY, comprised of Emily Krueger and Beau Diakowicz, are back with a new single: 100°.

In a year and only 3 releases, ZOOLOGY already racked up almost 3 million plays. The previoulsy released song “Maroon” was a pure delight and this new single, “100°”, explores the same soundscapes: it’s a relaxing, delightful and original mix of neo-soul, electro lounge and indie pop elements. The winning recipe of ZOOLOGY can certainly be explained by a taste for beautiful vocals, sharp production and surprising details in terms of drums and cracking subtle sounds.

About this new single, the duo detailed:

100° is about someone who’s almost out of reach, but you’re all for the chase. Our aim with the production is to make you feel what it’s like to be dangerously in love, intense and sometimes overwhelming.

“Maroon” and “100°” are set to appear on the upcoming “Bloom EP”. More info to come, meanwhile, connect with Zoology over Facebook, and Instagram.

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