DIM WIT document the sudden burst into adolescence on pop-punk ‘Suburbanal’

Portland-based pop-punk duo Dim Wit just released their first video ever, for the track ‘Suburbanal’, and it illustrates the not-so-smooth transition between childhood and adolescence.

Some months ago, Dim Wit, the duo formed by Jeff Tuyay and Tyler Verigan, were our newcomers of the week when they unveiled their debut single ‘Wow Ow Now’. The song was the first offering from their debut album, simply named ‘Self-Release’, which was released in February 2017. Also featured on their debut record, the track ‘Suburbanal’ has now a Grayson Bear-directed video that is mainly composed of some ‘political’ scribbles. It starts as a childish and innocent little song and quickly turns into a crazy mess; a perfect metaphor of growing up, leaving childhood and becoming a rebel adolescent.

About this track and video, vocalist and guitarist Jeff Tuyay detailed:

When I write songs I usually just start off the guitar. Then I think about what the guitar sounds like. In this case, it sounded to me like growing up in the suburbs. It’s all cutesy and innocent at the beginning until you hit puberty and act out due to all them hormones. Then you turn to alcohol and drugs because you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

Watch Dim Wit‘s Grayson Bear-directed video for ‘Suburbanal’ below.

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