Dorvin Borman’s “In a Field So Far Away” is a hazy lullaby about solidarity

Dorvin Borman‘s new song “In a Field So Far Away” is out today on Ashki Records.

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Dorvin Borman has just shared a new psych-pop track soaked in woozy effects. The aptly named “In a Field So Far Away” comes with a misty, faraway chorus where he sings about love, drugs and anxiety. This time, behind the weaving of vocals and multiple layers, his abrupt dream pop tale also conveys a bright message of empathy and solidarity. About the track, he explained:

“In a Field So Far Away” is a lullaby of solidarity with another’s deep struggle, whether it be social-political, emotional, physical, or all of the above, and imagines the beauty of that person’s life once they reach the other end of that struggle. The narrator also juxtaposes this with the ridiculous and excessive nature of his own privilege.

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