Dresage opens up a pop “Gallery” and you’re all invited

Dresage‘s new single “Gallery” is out now.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Keeley Bumford, aka Dresage, is back with a brand new bop. The artist, who is also part of the duo More Giraffes, intermingles arts with music in the synth-pop of “Gallery.” The perfectly-crafted tune multiplies the influences, from jazz for the vocals to moody electronic or hip-hop for the captivating and explorative soundscapes. About “Gallery,” Dresage detailed:

Rather than endless self-reflection and emotional torture, ‘Gallery’ imagines an alternate universe where every heartbreak is put on display. If we had the ability to see our romantic failings and achievements art-exhibit style, wine in hand and heels clicking on polished cement floors, maybe we’d see our past with 20/20 vision.

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