Float inside Drinker’s silky cocoon on “Fragment II”

“Fragment II” is taken from Drinker‘s upcoming debut album “Fragments” due out in 2019.

Drinker is the duo comprising singer-songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer Ariel Loh. On their ethereal and cinematic new single “Fragment II”, their synthesizers paint hypnotic curves over cracking percussions and floating layers. In a cocoon full of graceful reverb and details, the parts of the song veer between intensity and intimacy. This is like a tunnel: there’s an entrance and an exit, but once you are inside, their tubular ambient pop isolates you from the rest of the world.

About the track, the duo wrote:

How fleeting and elusive to feel fulfilled in such a strange world. When you search for it in another person and look at what you find, it never feels like what you expected, so you search for something new. You look inside, you think you find it, but when you come back out, it just fades into the noise around you.

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