Dumbo Gets Mad debut vintage video for psych-disco pop jam “Makes You Fly”

Dumbo Gets Mad‘s new track “Makes You Fly” is out via Nice Guys.

An Italian duo consisting of Lucas Dumbini et Carlotta Menozzi, Dumbo Gets Mad create hybrid and psychedelic music which sounds simultaneously vintage and futuristic. Drawing influences from the 60s and 70s, they gladly dig through funk, soul, surf-rock, electro and hip-hop to extract and dust off wonderful and precious sounds. Their last offering, “Makes You Fly,” sounds indeed like an extraordinary odyssey through time with its combination of 70’s monophonic synths, ethereal sax and funky bass lines. Dealing with relationships and the loss of a loved one, the psych-disco pop track is actually an invitation to get out of your comfort zone and to accept that difficult moments can be turned into opportunities to grow. Today, the duo finally unveils the accompanying self-made visuals which were crafted with sequences from an old Japanese movie. About the visuals, Lucas Dumbini stated:

Filmography and images always had a great impact in my vision of music composition. This time my mind was blown out by Chris Maker documentary “Sans Soleil”, and right after watching it, I started writing the music of Makes You Fly. I don’t know how but the song, its meaning and its aesthetic perfectly match, at least for me, with the photography of the documentary. So I tried to edit the song with the movie and the magic was right there.

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