easy unveil dreamy and softly psychedelic “I Want to Marry You”

easy‘s “I Want to Marry You” is taken from their debut album whatever it is, due this Summer on Hello Forever.

Hailing from California, cradle of psychedelia, easy are a four-piece band that sound both nostalgic and adventurous. On their dreamy, sun-soaked song “I Want to Marry You”, they combine syruppy choirs and cheesy lyrics that recall the idyllic albeit utopian Summer of Love to mind. Just like a romance between the Beach Boys and Superorganism, their love anthem also relies on sophisticated arrangements and left-field ornaments. About the track, the art pop collective born in a hippie commune of Los Angeles stated:

easy is a community and a vision. We are sisters and brothers who share a love of music and a love of humanity. We revere the classics and demand radical transformation.

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