Elliot takles food addiction and narcissism in “David Eats Fast Food Daily”

“David Eats Fast Food Daily” is taken from Elliot‘s new album Fast Food Musik out on Icons Creating Evil Art.

Influenced by the Los Angeles experimental pop scene – read lo-fi + psychedelia-, 23-year-old Stockholm-based singer-songwriter-producer Ellioth Axelsson seems to have developed an obsession about fast foods. This is actually the theme that he metaphorically explores on his debut album Fast Food Musik, a project made to address food addiction and narcissism in a fast food culture of gratification where we starve spiritually. About the album, Elliot explained:

Maybe it is hard to discern anything other than detached irony from many of the tracks on the album. But in retrospect, the ’fast food’ subject matter was a guarded metaphor for toxic aspects of my personality, my vices and generally my self-loathing. It’s tough to deal with these subjects upfront when your head is swarming with self- harming thoughts and anxieties, so it was a necessary storytelling device for me.

Before adding:

That being said, making songs about burger grease is a great way of distancing oneself from the rest of the local scene, where life-altering subjects like depression and love are ’brought to you by Adidas’.

Taken from the album, Elliot‘s new single “David Eats Fast Food Daily” is a bedroom pop earworm soaked in oily effects and as addictive as the sodas and hamburgers he is singing about. It also comes with a Georg Bosman-directed cooking class-like video. Watch below.

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