Australian artist Emerson Leif just wants to “Wake Up With You”

“Wake Up With You” is the first single from Emerson Leif‘s forthcoming debut EP.

After having been featured on several tracks of Golden Vessel and MUTO, Australian artist Emerson Leif started his career in solo last year, gathering millions of streams in a few tracks only. The artist is now back with a new single, “Wake Up With You”, which is the first single off his upcoming debut EP. Created during a period of loneliness and exhaustion, the smooth yet bittersweet track sounds like a well-deserved slice of solace. “I was working for the man on night shift a few years ago and would get home when the sun was already high in the sky,” he explains. He then added:

‘Wake Up With You’ is an expression of how life-giving a significant person’s presence in your day can be. To reach out from a dreamscape of sleep and feel the touch of a familiar hand. The seemingly simple experience of waking up next to someone that ‘just gets you’ is in itself both cathartic and regenerative.

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