Empara Mi – The Come Down

Earlier this month, Empara Mi was making her debut with “Wanderlust.” Today, she released an innovative video, her first ever, for her second single “The Come Down”. It was directed by Chris Turner and is based on an innovative technology.

Indeed, the video was made with the use of Omote, a system that combines motion tracking and projection mapping systems. This system enabled to transform Empara‘s face into gold, fire, and ice. In order to exploit this invention, the artist had to fly to Tokyo to directly meet the creators.

As she explained to The Fader by email:

‘The Come Down’ is essentially about projecting fake personas, hiding behind a mask in an attempt to conceal the ‘real you.’ I wanted the visual to be, quite literally, an expression of this idea. It was a crazy and intense development process, and I’m very proud to be the one to showcase such amazing technology in a way it hasn’t been seen before.

The concept and the styling of “The Come Down” video are signed by Empara herself.

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