EYRE LLEW unleash intense and wintry post-rock song “Silo”

“Silo” is taken from EYRE LLEW‘s self-released EP Carrier, out today.

Following up on their debut album Atelo, Nottingham’s ambient-rock trio EYRE LLEW unveil today their new EP Carrier, which was recorded in Seoul and crafted in close collaboration with Korean shoegaze band In The Endless Zangyang We Are. Both pristine and intense, the opening track of the 5-track project, “Silo,” caught all our attention and should please all the fans of Low and Sigur Rós (and Game of Thrones at the same time). It’s actually impossible to remain insensitive to this epic build-up, otherworldly vocals and cinematic, wintry aura. Listen to “Silo” below and don’t forget to check the full EP on Spotify.

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