Fanclub’s “Reflection” is a quintessential twee pop song

“Reflection” is taken from Fanclub‘s upcoming debut EP “All The Same” to be released on Berlin-based label Friendly Reminder.

When one thinks about music from Texas, the first things that come up are country and dusty, riff-heavy rock and roll. That’s not the case here. Fanclub’s latest single “Reflection” is a commending exercise on bedroom pop extremely reminiscent of the late 2000s/early 2010s blog buzzbands like Wild Nothing or Twin Sister. Aided by computer-programmed drums and led by a dream-poppy synth line, “Reflection” is as much an instant earworm as it is an evocative vessel to a different time and place.

The song it’s an absolute joy to listen, Leslie Crunkilton’s wistful vocals fitting perfectly along a clean, twee-sounding guitar that keeps itself to the chord progression while the bass and keyboard are given more freedom. With lyrics about accepting one’s flaws and not letting them get in the way or romantic relationships, “Reflection” is a quintessential twee pop song: “I want you to count me in / With all your glitches and deflections.” Fanclub rely heavily on the understated production and candid lyricism that give twee its name, and they also give the song a much-welcome dreamy twist that makes the whole thing even more endearing. There is more material from Fanclub coming in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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