Febueder shares metaphorical video for “Then There Were Two”

“Then There Were Two” is taken from Febueder‘s “All a Hoax” EP.

Febueder, the Ascot duo comprising Samuel Keysell and Kieran Godfrey, have just shared the visuals for their single “Then There Were Two”. As the band explains, the track was written after they returned to their initial duo form. The title acts as a statement and explores the concept of relationships and the pursuit of understanding. The opening track of their 5-track EP prefectly embodies the unusual indie sound of the duo. Besides the luxuriance of the percussions, the melody never reveals its full mystery and the vocals are strangely captivating even if they remain partially indecipherable.

The “Then There Were Two” metaphorical video was directed by Jane Qian and its choreography encapsulates the contrast between the comfort of the known and the expanse of the unknown. Watch it below.

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