Finish 2017 on a light-hearted and funky note with Garçons’ debut “Numba One”

Today, we got something to finish 2017 on a light-hearted note. Canadian up and coming duo Garçons unveil their charisma and style with their debut track “Numba One”.

Garçons are the Canadian duo comprised of Lotanna and Julian Strangelove. The latter also directed the video of their debut single “Numba One”. It is a poppy, colorful, and reggae-infused tune that has not other goal than making you dance. Here, the vintage style and groovy attitude are as important as the music but we bet the Garçons will strip down and unveil a new side of them very soon. Meanwhile, watch the Julian Strangelove-directed debut video of Garçons‘ “Numba One” below.

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