Flamingods new animated video “Mixed Blessings” is what we call smart music!

One of the most creative psyche bands of the last months, Flamingods, are back with an impressive animated video which is as twisted as their music. The Alpaca Animations-directed video for “Mixed Blessings” comes ahead of the release of their new ‘Kewali EP’.

Hailing from London and Bahrain, the quartet Flamingods started as a bedroom project with multi-instrumentalist and singer Kamal Rasool as the main driver. The band has consistently released original and relevant music and today, they are ready to release a new EP, “Kewali”, via Moshi Moshi. You can pre-order the 4-track EP there.

Taken from this upcoming project, here is the Alpaca Animations‘s animated video for “Mixed Blessings”. The colorful and trippy video stages an explorer that is searching for enlightenment. It is actually a sort of artistic thought or statement against xenophobia as this feeling is taking more and more room in our life with the rise of protectionist and frightening international politics.

This new release is thoughtful from so many perspectives. Flamingods music is still indescribably delicious and catchy. It’s also a pleasure to see that their fun and creativity comes with a deeper message (without falling into the easy trap of demagogy). Smart music as we call it here!

Flamingods will also headline at London’s The Jazz Café on October 3. Tickets are already available. If you’re not in London, don’t worry. There is a lot of other gigs as you can see on their website.

Keep it up with Flamingods via Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter and YouTube.

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