Friday Fix: 20 Songs for singles who want to go through Valentine's Day

If your efforts to find a last minute Valentine failed, or if you got dumped on the D-Day… No worries! We made a playlist for you.

Every year, it’s the same. Marketers do their job and frustrate us with Valentine’s Day. Their manipulations are so strong that everybody suddenly feels an irrepressible desire, or need, to be in a relationship. But why not staying single, at home, alone? There’s no shame to be alone, whatever the reasons!

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If you were dumped on Valentine’s day, you probably hate LOVE. That’s why we couldn’t make this playlist without Kelis‘ “Caught Out There”, Janet Jackson‘s “What About”, or Marianne Faithful‘s caustic ” “Why’d Ya Do It?”, amongst others. But please, don’t beg your lover like Nina Simone: better alone than in bad company! Don’t be ‘foolish!’ Be strong as Betty Davis!

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If you have some difficulties to move on from your previous relationship though, and if you are still obsessed with your ex, stalking him/her in the club to see his/her ‘courtship ritual’ with a new pretendant, then Robyn is here to capture those -horrible- feelings! If you prefer to cry alone and remember all those amazing moments at home, alone, then you won’t resist Regina Spektor‘s “Samson” or Kelsey Lu‘s fading call “Dreams.”

If like Little Boots, you are new in town, or alone in “Tokyo” like Lianne La Havas, it can be difficult to meet someone. At least, you have some good excuses, especially if you don’t know any clubs where you could meet people like you – as Russian duo t.A.t.u sang it in their cover of The Smith‘s anthemic song “How Soon Is Now?”

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Lastly, for those who try hard – too hard – to find someone but suffer from an inner beauty that doesn’t really shine out of their body, you will recognize yourself in TLC‘s “Unpretty” or Janis Ian who knows exactly to be 17 and not to be a ‘beauty queen’.

It will maybe come one day, or maybe not. Anyway, who needs a lover for Valentine’s Day when you can fuck with yourself? [And drink wine wearing pyjamas]

Tip: For those who are already drunk, you can start the playlist in the other way: Fiona Apple is easier to listen to when you’re drunk and while you will be sobering up, the playlist will slowing come back to mainstream 😉

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