Future Daughter depict a post-apocalyptic landscape with “Minerals”

“Minerals” is taken from Future Daughter‘s upcoming album “Transliteration” to be released on Ben Aquas label #FEELINGS on November 2.

Hailing from the wild and cold country of Norway, Future Daughter is a multimedia group consisting of three young audiovisual artists who explore the concepts of organic and synthetic while blurring the line between noise, club and pop music. On their new song “Minerals”, the collective depicts a gut-wrenching landscape which takes place in a ‘E-waste dump in Ghana, sometime post human existence’. This melancholia and despair are definitely palpable in the thumping, trance-like hypnotic synths. While the first part of the track hesitates between dance and sadness, it quickly embraces its darker side to eventually turn into an epic, post-apocalyptic anthem. Tune below, while there is still time.

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