GOSS is searching answers on the internet on “These Days. I Don’t Know”

Danish alt-pop artist GOSS is back with “These Days. I Don’t Know,” his first offering of 2018.

Last year, GOSS had a busy year with the release of his 5-track debut EP “Healthcare” and with the co-writing of ’s global hit “Kamikaze.” The artist is back today with his first single of 2018 and the announcement of his biggest run of European dates yet.

On “These Days. I Don’t Know,” the singer-songwriter and producer search answers about love and life on the internet with a dual and contrasted soundscape in the background. About this new song, GOSS detailed:

Lyrically I am inspired by this new scene of poets writing about the internet, digital currencies, software, etc. I always felt the internet was an unpoetic place but I think this new wave of poets are making the complexity of the digital world beautiful. On the production side I wanted the track to have a certain pace but at the same time have it feeling somewhat laid back. I love when a production give a feeling of both being fast and slow at the same time. Both melancholic and optimistic, complicated and simple.

Goss by Rasmus Weng Karlsen

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