Grace Ives debuts new album with DIY pop mantra “Mirror”

“Mirror” is the first single from Grace Ives‘ upcoming album 2nd due out April 22 on Dots Per Inch Music.

Hailing from New York, bedroom singer-songwriter and producer Grace Ives crafts DIY pop songs influenced by the sounds of Britney Spears and Rihanna, the electronic patchworks of M.I.A. and her “punk-er” friends. And when you have such a wide range of inspiration, your music is anything but easy to pin down.

With “Mirror,” the first single and closing track from her upcoming album 2nd, Grace Ives channels the nonchalant electronica pop of Negative Gemini and keeps it simple and straight to the point. Dealing with obsessive self-critique, her low key track acts as a mantra of self motivation. Tune in below.

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