GWENNO shares ‘Tir Ha Mor’, announces new album ‘Le Kov’

Gwenno is ready to share her second album “Le Kov” and the project is entirely written in Cornish. She shares the first single: the lovely indie pop track “Tir Ha Mor”.

Don’t try to understand the lyrics of Gwenno‘s new single “Tir Ha Mor” except if you master the art of Cornish, a survival of Britain’s lesser-known Brythonic language. For her new album “Le Kov”, the artist decided to use this language from beginning to end. Nevertheless, as proven on the first single, the final rendition sounds fresh and modern, a bit like if a fairy or an elf was singing some indie pop. The whole album is set to explore the individual and collective subconscious and the myths and drolls of Cornwall. “Le Kov” is an artistic document more than a concept album. In any case, the first single “Tir Ha Mor”, is a lovely and heady indie pop track. After all, maybe Gwenno is actually a bewitching elf…

About the video of “Tir Ha Mor”, Gwenno detailed:

We drove to St Ives and marvelled at the crashing waves, went up the coast, past Zennor and arrived at Levant Mine to pause for thought and remember those who had given and lost so much to the land. All we could do was appreciate the rugged landscape, as so many had done before us. We drove back to Cardiff and I mulled over the merits of dancing to your own song, and concluded that it’s alright to do so sometimes. Cornish Abstract Landscape artist, Peter Lanyon, Marghek an Gwyns (Rider of the Wind, his Cornish Gorsedd bardic name) glided over the land to get a better feel of Cornwall, and Tir Ha Mor (Land and Sea) is inspired by his methods and muse. I filmed what was in front of me, which is nowhere near the same level of commitment, but it is my interpretation of what I saw and felt and that, I hope, is worth something.

Gwenno‘s new album “Le Kov” is due for release March 2 via Heavenly Recordings

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“Le Kov” tracklist:

1. Hi a Skoellyas Liv a Dhagrow

2. Tir Ha Mor

3. Herdhya

4. Eus Keus?

5. Jynn-amontya

6. Den Heb Taves

7. Daromres y’n Howl

8. Aremorika

9. Hunros

10. Koweth Ker

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